Food Safety Awareness Collection (7)

Chicken vs. Egg

The GIF uses split-screen to contradict the lives of natural vs. “broiler” chickens.


The GIF depicts a child struggling to chew on a piece of candy full of food colorings and unnatural amount of gelatin.

Baby Formula

The GIF illustrating the negative effect toxic baby formulas have on a child’s brain.


The GIF portrays a person cutting into a piece of steak full of disease-causing bacteria

Food additives

The GIF shows the amount of food additives put into a bag of junk food, and the junk foods dancing and luring people into tasting them in the movement of worms.


The GIF emphasizes the fear humans cast on wild animals, such as a deer, praying for food


The GIF shows the process of large amount of harmful carbohydrate running off from the syrup and fruits slowly molding on top of a pancake.