Xinxin Zhang Self Portrait

  The self-portrait is my first attempt using micron pens, which was a remarkable experience that contributed to my love for this medium. I believe every moment of my life acts as a dot of ink, leaving a permanent mark on the canvas of my life. I chose to use micron pens and pointillism to… Continue reading Xinxin Zhang Self Portrait

Nine Impressions

The Nine Impression model contains various emotions, such as sadness, brokenness, happiness, anger, boredom, seriousness, humorousness, and expressions for standards for beauty or ugliness seen in everyday life in modern society. These faces are distinguished on the nine heads confined to the central figure. The front of the statue is embedded with a deep inlaid… Continue reading Nine Impressions

My Phobias Collection (4)

Selenophobia Cardiophobia Oneirophobia Line Ver. Oneirophobia Colored Ver. Ophidiophobia Line Ver. Ophidiophobia Colored Ver.