OC Artist of the Year Nomination — Digital Illustration & Painting and Illustration

I am honored for these nominations, and I sincerely thank my instructors for nominating me for DIGITAL ILLUSTRATION under the discipline COMPUTER-ASSISTED VISUAL ARTS SPECIALTIES and HAND DRAWING & PAINTING under the discipline HANDCRAFTED VISUAL ARTS. I seek to continue enhancing my artistic practice and utilize my talent to become a more achieved artist!

Artwork Featured — RISD Advanced Program Student Work Exhibition

Artwork Featured Upon completing the certificate, I mastered skills in college-level art and design courses and continued to explore my passion in illustration and utilizing critical language. I gained valuable insights into building a stronger narrative for my art, such as illustrating phobias. The work above, selenophobia, was one of my assignments for my featured… Continue reading Artwork Featured — RISD Advanced Program Student Work Exhibition

*Limited Time Only — National Donut Day Sticker

Limited Time Only Starting on November 3rd, Caataa is launching a collection of eight limited edition stickers celebrating national donut day. For the price of one donut, the stickers will be available for purchase from November 3rd to November 7th. Quantities are Limited, So Get Yours’ Today

Caritas Christi Christian Service Award

Recognizing the Importance of Serving Others I believe the purpose of performing community service goes beyond fulfilling the school’s volunteer hours. The goal is for students to support others in pain or suffering, contribute to our community, and raise social awareness. Receiving the Service Awards This week I am honored to receive the SM Sacred Heart… Continue reading Caritas Christi Christian Service Award

Chinese Typography and Woodblock Painting Workshop and Curation

Introduction The Yangjiabu Chinese woodblock prints are traditional folk crafts that originated in Weifang, Shandong Province. It dates back to the Ming Dynasty and advanced in the Qing Dynasty. This form of printing emphasized festive, intense colors and symmetry by using concise and smooth lines on top of vibrant inks. It reflected the ideals, customs,… Continue reading Chinese Typography and Woodblock Painting Workshop and Curation

Art For All Coloring Session

Fulfilling the Shortcomings of Rural Education, and Using Art to Help Achieve Dreams “I really enjoy drawing. I know children from big cities have various after school activities and art lessons, but my hometown does not have such resources. After participating in the Art For All Coloring Session and Art classes, I discovered the significant… Continue reading Art For All Coloring Session

Hello Caataa!

Welcome to Caataa Studio! It started with a vision of spreading Art to all nations worldwide. . . We believe Differences = Beauty. We can’t determine what is beautiful in the eyes of another person, but we all deserve to be respected, loved, and to discover the things we deem to be beautiful and bring… Continue reading Hello Caataa!